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ladyofjewelshmmm i dont know2008-09-0511/07/11, 08:06 am66 Send private message   
RaGehold my beer and watch this2008-12-2821/03/11, 01:55 am24 Send private message   
shadowslayer2009-11-2628/11/11, 03:55 pm17 Send private message   
Sir_NubThere's only so much Nub to go around2009-01-0127/12/10, 09:30 am16 Send private message   
alfie2010-05-0802/03/11, 11:14 am13 Send private message   
PepyTo alcohol! The cause of and solution to... all of lifes problems 'Homer Simpson'2009-01-2213/01/11, 02:47 pm9 Send private message   
jonnyya know2010-06-0115/02/11, 05:27 pm8 Send private message   
*Alairia*Don't give me your attitude...i already got one2010-08-0408/01/11, 01:15 pm4 Send private message   
Deo2010-08-0912/08/10, 09:26 am3 Send private message   
SHOT_2_THE_HEARTim going to try to get in guild :)2010-07-0808/07/10, 06:49 pm3 Send private message   
Apostle2010-06-0407/06/10, 12:19 pm3 Send private message   
Don2008-09-0404/01/10, 06:50 am3 Send private message 
Sternsmyth2010-08-0203/06/12, 10:45 am1 Send private message   
Rondog2010-07-2722/11/16, 07:21 pm1 Send private message   
rondog.playa2011-05-1313/05/11, 06:25 pm1 Send private message   
berethon2010-12-3012/01/12, 09:33 pm1 Send private message   
Trianna2010-07-3119/08/10, 03:42 am1 Send private message   
starshadow2009-11-2107/09/10, 01:02 am1 Send private message   
Rasengan2009-12-0113/12/09, 09:13 pm1 Send private message   
Emoneynot myself atm2010-06-0530/12/10, 11:53 am0 Send private message