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 PVP and GE

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Total War is a pvp based game. once lvl 60 you are allowed to par take in pvp fights and if you kill someone within 10 lvls of yourself u will gain 10 GE. GE is not awarded to you by killing mobs, only by killing people. If you have 200+ GE you will get a green name, if you have 800+ GE you will get a purple name. The higher your GE the less chance that you will drop something when you die. There is how ever still a 1% chance that you may drop something you are wearing or something in your inventory upon death and someone else will be able to pick it up so it is always a good thing to have phantom gathers with you at all times. They do cost alot in this ver, 3mil each, but you can buy them in vail at the cashshop which makes it a bit easier to get. If you kill some1 that is lower than 30 lvls of yourself you will lose 300 GE each time. the lower your GE the higher the chances of you dropping stuff when you die, and if you get -800 GE you will be sent to jail. Yes i said jail. Your character will have to sit and ponder about what they did for 8 hrs if you get -800 GE so its best you dont go there. Once you get to lvl 120 you are fair game to anyone and people 200 lvls higher than you can pk you and not lose GE so its best to get good gear for then and train as hard as you can so you can be strong and survive their ambushes.
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PVP and GE
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