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Some of the skills that do not say "Area" may be an area attack the games website doesn't have all the correct skill information but i did do my best to fix the ones i know that are area attacks.

lvl 0 Lightning Arrow

lvl 5 Cure Light

lvl 10 Wind Sword

lvl 15 Lightning

lvl 20 Wind Strike - Area

lvl 25 Wind Cannon

lvl 30 Minor Healing and Lightning Pierce

lvl 35 Call Lightning and Cloud Shield - Buff

lvl 40 Lightning Arrow Bolt and Earth Sword and Grasp - Area

lvl 45 Cure Wounds

lvl 50 Wind Shield and Heavenly Hammer

lvl 55 Lightning Bolt

lvl 60 Wind Storm- Area

lvl 65 Wind Ball

lvl 70 Recovery Healing and Chain Lightning Pierce - Area

lvl 75 Call Lightning Bolt and Bright Shield - Buff

lvl 80 Lightning Arrow Wave and Ground Stone and Electric - Area

lvl 85 Heal

lvl 90 Wind Arrow

lvl 95 Lightning Wave

lvl 100 Wind Tornado - Area

lvl 105 Wind Sphere

lvl 110 Great Healing

lvl 110 Shock Lightning Pierce - Area

lvl 115 Call Lightning Wave- Area and Protection Shield - Buff

lvl 120 Ground Clay - Area and Thunder Bolt - Area
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White Mage
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