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Some of the skills that do not say "Area" may be an area attack the games website doesn't have all the correct information but i did my best to fix the ones i know are an area attack.

lvl 0 Flame Arrow

lvl 5 Flaming Spear

lvl 10 Produce Ice

lvl 15 Fireball

lvl 20 Fire Burst - Buff and Produce Flame - Area

lvl 25 Spike Ice Arrow

lvl 30 Cloud Kill and Fire Pierce - Area

lvl 35 ice Sword and Chill Touch

lvl 40 Dual Flame Arrow and Fire Wall - Area

lvl 45 Flaming Corum

lvl 50 Produce Ice Arrow

lvl 55 Dark Fireball

lvl 60 Dark Produce Flame and Dark Fire Chant - Buff

lvl 65 Spike Ice Wave - Area

lvl 70 Death Fog and Dark Fire Pierce - Area

lvl 75 Ice Sword Corum and Hell Scream

lvl 80 Triple Flame Arrow and Dark Fire Corum - Area

lvl 85 Strike Corum

lvl 90 Produce Iceberg

lvl 95 Death Fireball

lvl 100 Death Produce Flame and Death Fire Aura - Buff

lvl 105 Spike Ice Meteor - Area

lvl 110 Death Fire Pierce - Area and Death Fog Kill - Area

lvl 115 Collapse and Ice Sword Hell - Area

lvl 120 Death Fire Corum - Area
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